Our focus and primary objectives for the 2nd year Leadership Training Course are:


(1) To build upon the first year’s emphasis of a culture of honor and kingdom lifestyle. We will focus more on equipping equippers in this program to raise up leadership qualities so that students can not only do the kingdom ministry, but effectively teach others core kingdom concepts like praying for the sick, the Father’s love, how to operate in spiritual gifts, how to study the bible, how to lead a bible study or small group, share their testimony, etc.


(2) To work with students on personal destiny which will be discovered in greater depth through the GSKM 2 retreat in the fall. Based on their calling and desire, GSKM staff will then be considering how to position students into ministry and service in the community, and how to help them grow in areas of leadership.


(3) To continue to develop an intimate lifestyle with God centered upon worship, the Word, and revival; where experiencing God’s kingdom is normal within everyday situations and occurrences of life; to simply become naturally supernatural through the power of the Holy Spirit.


The emphasis in the classroom will be a balance between worship, study, lecture, discussion, and impartation along with practically applying the truths being taught. Below is a topic list and does not represent the full course content. We leave room for the Holy Spirit to direct as He determines.


               How to Reproduce Your Experience                       A Lifestyle of Worship

               Manifesting God’s Presence                                 Activations in Spiritual Gifts

               GSKM 2 Retreat                                                  Discernment in the Spirit

               Personal Development                                        Sermon and Teaching Preparation

               Deep Healing Ministry                                         Sacrificial Living

               Volunteer Service in Ministry                               Charismatic Church History

               Understanding and Studying God’s Word               Leadership Development


Guest Speakers TBD


Student Policies

Standard of Conduct: Students will seek to be “imitators of God” with “not even a hint of sexual immorality, or any kind of impurity,” living as “children of light” and finding out “what pleases the Lord.” (Eph. 5:1-12) This standard is to be upheld within our personal and public lives. If a student struggles with immorality throughout the school year, honesty is the best policy. Please communicate to the GSKM leadership if you or another student is struggling so they can help walk with the student to find freedom in Christ.


Attendance: Students are expected to attend all classes regularly and punctually. Attendance is very important and reflects your commitment level. If you are unable to attend a class, we require that you communicate your absence in advance.


Participation and Homework: Students are expected to be willing to participate in all activities and classes. Because you will be challenged to step out into new areas of ministry and faith, there will certainly be grace and freedom to “grow” into participation. We are not necessarily looking for the accomplished and competent, but rather the eager and hungry who are open to experience God’s kingdom and willing to participate as God equips and gives grace to accomplish it. Part of becoming all that God has for you involves learning how to discipline yourself and manage your time and lifestyle. You must be prepared to make the time necessary to fully engage in your homework and not merely throw together assignments at the last minute. These are all heart issues rather than mere policy issues.


*Students will be required to read five books throughout the school year with a one-page reflection paper per book, complete two “as you go” outreaches a month, and serve on average 1-3 hours per week in an area of ministry or community service in the spring semester. With a 3-hour class and homework reading, outreaches and service, each student should expect to spend 10 hours on GSKM weekly to do well and graduate.


Withdrawal: Any student wishing to withdraw from GSKM must arrange an appointment with GSKM leadership to discuss reasons for wanting to leave. If a withdrawal occurs, GSKM leadership will handle tuition refunds/payments owed, in a case by case basis.


Expulsions: GSKM reserves the right to remove individuals from the school who are refusing to comply with school policies and standards and biblical principles and ethics.