What you need to know:

GSKM Online is being provided to help those who live outside Bakersfield to learn and be transformed in a similar format to the on site program. Bakersfield students can participate online, but we highly encourage that they attend the on-site program. It is in an option for online students to attend class a when special guest speakers come and when we have specific activations in spiritual gifts or times of extended ministry. 

The online program will require students to have a working computer or smart phone to access video recordings and participate in online discussions with other online students WEEKLY. We will record the Tuesday night class and upload within 48 hours. You will then have a few days to access the teaching, watch it, and then respond to discussion questions about the class time. 

The GSKM staff will be available to assist you in your journey online. Timothy Berry will give students video recordings to encourage you throughout your journey including a couple of live chat forums throughout the year just for Online students! This will be a time to ask questions, get to know our team better and also for our team to get to know you better. 

Due to students being from around the country/world, Online students will be required to purchase their own books (you can also borrow them from others you might know) which is estimated to cost $100 including shipping. Students will be required to fulfill the same homework requirements as on-site students which include reading books, a one-page reflection paper per book, one as you go outreach per month, one organized outreach per month, and reading the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs throughout the nine month program. On-site students will have options for local organized outreaches. Online students will have to seek these opportunities in their local church or city and will not be provided by GSKM staff. 

Online students are encouraged, if feasible, to travel to Bakersfield for the graduation ceremony on May 24, 2018. 

​Tuition for GSKM 1 Online School is $650. Your first payment is due by the first day of class, Sept. 12, 2017. 


Payment options are:

1 payment of $650

2 payments of $320 each due Sept. 13 and Jan. 16th

3 payments of $250 on Sept. 12; + 2 pmts of $200 on Nov. 7th and Jan. 17th.

To apply online CLICK HERE


Deadline to apply is August 29, 2017