I am thrilled that you are interested in attending the Garden School of Kingdom Ministry! It is our desire that this upcoming school year will fuel your passion for Jesus and living a Christ-centered life. Our team has worked, prayed, and thought hard about what to bring to the school this year. In my fifth year as the director of GSKM, I really desire to build upon the transformation we have seen in our students the past four years, and to continue to build up a community of believers in Kern County that are passionately pursuing God to see His kingdom manifest in the region. We hope to build long lasting with our students to run together as a Word and Spirit family.


When creating this school's curriculum we constantly heard ourselves saying, “We want to help create everlasting constellations, not quick-to-fade shooting stars.” It is our desire that your time at this school would be fruitful in multiple and diverse ways. Areas such as growing in personal development, learning to love scripture, learning how to pray for the sick, love the poor, and share your faith with those around you. Most importantly we want you, your unique individual qualities that God has purposefully created in you, to shine – an everlasting shine that will not fade. We are praying for you as you consider being part of GSKM this year.


Timothy Berry

GSKM Director