The Mission of the Garden School of Kingdom Ministry is to train, equip, and develop passionate disciples of Jesus Christ who, through Christ-like character and a kingdom lifestyle, demonstrate the healing love of the Father and His transforming power on earth, 

as it is in Heaven.

GSKM is passionately committed to training individuals who filled with knowledge and understanding of Scripture and equally are filled with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to display his fruit and gifts. We recognize that studying the Bible and learning how to live it out are not quite the same. Understanding Scripture is important to know what God has said and done in order for us to know what his expectations are for Godly living in our current times. We also believe it is important to have a safe environment to “DO” or "PRACTICE" Godly living especially when it comes to being like Jesus. We want to know the Word as well as live the Word of God for this generation. We believe every instruction of Scripture comes with an invitation for an intimate encounter with the Spirit of God who inspired it.


Accordingly, our focus and primary objectives for the 1st year Course are:


(1) To develop greater intimacy and relationship with God as Father as we realize and receive the fullness of His great love,  grace and favor.

(2) To better understand and know our identity and inheritance in Jesus Christ as our hearts and minds are being transformed into His very likeness.

(3) To develop a lifestyle centered upon worship, the Word, and revival culture where experiencing God’s presence is a normal happening within everyday situations and occurrences of life. The phrase we use as we teach this lifestyle is to be "naturally supernatural" through expressing God's tangible love through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The emphasis in the classroom will be a balance between worship, study, lecture, discussion, small groups, in-class exercises, impartation and outreaches. Below is a topic list and does not represent the full course content. We leave room for the Holy Spirit to direct as He determines.


                                                   Understanding & Studying God’s Word                                Spiritual Disciplines

                                    Experiencing the Father’s Love                                          A Culture of Honor

                                     Identity in Christ                                                             Kingdom Stewardship

                                     Manifesting God’s Presence                                                  Gifts & Fruit of the Spirit

                                     Hearing the Voice of God                                                      Outreach Training & Events

                                       Intimacy & Vulnerability                                                       Sharing the Gospel Message

                                       God's Character and Holiness                                                Power Evangelism

                                     Developing a Lifestyle of Prayer                                            Spontaneous Worship


We will also have multiple guest speakers. In past years we had dynamic speakers such as:

Annie Byrne

Dale & LuAnn Mast

Nic Billman

Mark DuPont

Jonathan Pasquale

Tracee Loosle

Cindy McGill

Tony Kim

Mike Evans

Blaine Cook

Kayle Mumby

Shara Chalmers

Mark & Dawn Thompson

Peter Neuberger