*Our first and highest priority is ministry to the Lord in extravagant worship and adoration. We celebrate creativity and value artistic expressions of all forms in our praise and worship to our King.


*Because of the redemptive work of Christ on the cross, believers are no longer identified as sinners but as transformed saints. Through Christ, every believer has the ability to be freed from sin, shame, condemnation, and every lie of the enemy. Our identity is son or daughter and therefore heirs to the fullness of His kingdom through Christ Jesus our Lord.


*We value a revival culture where honor and servanthood are at the forefront of our pursuits. We desire to see integrity and the fruit of the Spirit developed and cherished. Christ’s love and character become our highest aim and the foundation from which lasting change and eternal fruit may be manifested. We recognize that this love constrains us and empowers us to love the Body of Christ universal and to pursue the unity of the Spirit. Also, this love empowers us to minister to those who are without Christ in the world and reveal the unconditional love of Christ for salvation, healing, and deliverance.


*We believe that every believer is a supernatural minister of the Gospel. Our testimony and witness is one of power in the Holy Spirit through signs and wonders, and of declaration to the life-giving truths of our God through a lifestyle of prophetic revelation. We are to be naturally supernatural, just as Jesus modeled in this earthly ministry.


*We believe all saints are gateways for God’s kingdom presence to manifest in the earth. As Jesus taught us, we are to seek His kingdom first and daily pray for His kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. We must learn to develop our spiritual sense to hear and see what our Father is doing in heaven. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places and have access to experience spiritual blessings in this life through an intimate relationship with our God.